Clean Label Project Discovers Baby Foods Contain Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, BPA, Acrylamide

Published By : 26 Oct 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Clean Label Project, a nonprofit group working to bring about more transparent labeling, has announced the results of a study conducted on baby products. The study reveals alarming statistics, including that a number of baby food products, including 80% of baby formula products, test positive for arsenic. The group tested purchases of baby food and formulas, toddler drinks, and baby snacks from the last five months to test for contaminates such as arsenic, cadmium, and lead, and found distressing results that could lead to large-scale changes in the baby food industry.

The group tested more than 500 baby food products currently in the market, finding that 65% of all the products contained some amounts of arsenic. More distressingly, arsenic was not the only contaminate to be found on such a large scale in the baby food products. Lead, whose safe consumption level for humans has been described as ‘nonexistent’, was present in 36% of the baby food products. 58% of the tested products contained cadmium, while 10% contained acrylamide. Bisphenol A was also a major contaminant present in baby food products, as 60% of products that were marketed as being BPA-free were found to contain bisphenol A.

These contaminants pose a major risk to the development of fine motor skills as well as the cognitive region. These contamination ratings would have been troublesome even in foods intended for adults, but present an even more significant danger to developing infants. Lack of enforcement of its own 2016 regulations concerning arsenic levels in baby foods by the FDA is claimed to be a major reason for the prevalence of the contamination. 

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