City in Texas Opts for 100% Renewable Energy to Save Planet or Money

Published By : 31 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A city in Texas will be powered completely by renewables has surprised an oil obsessed, state where fossil fuels ruled the market and climate change activists were considered the equivalent of flat-earthers.

Jim Briggs an interim city manager of Georgetown commented that he was called as an Al Gore clone and a tree hugger. He lives in a community of around 50,000 people which is somewhere 25 miles north of Austin. He was the key player in this decision for the city to become the Lone Star State which would be powered completely by renewable energy resources. Briggs has worked for this city for around 30 years.

Briggs commented that he was probably the furthest thing from a clone of Al Gore that you can find. He further said that they are doing this not to save the planet, but to get a competitive rate and decrease the risk for their consumers.

In many cities of the Texas state, the market for electricity is deregulated which means that consumers can select from a broad range of power providers and plans. For example in Houston, there are more than 70 plans which offer energy from 100% renewables.

Hence, it makes easy for consumers to switch and in a dynamic market space providers of electricity focus on their immediate future. This discourages the generation of electricity from renewable energy resources as they need a long term investment to become viable for the market. However, in Georgetown the city utility company is enjoying a monopoly.

When Georgetown’s staff scrutinized their options past year, they figured out something remarkable, particularly in the state of Texas. This was that renewable energy is cheaper compared to non-renewable. This led to city officials finalizing a deal with a giant MNC solar energy firm, SunEdison.
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