Citic Telecom Gears Up to Capitalize on VMware as Service for Desktop

Published By : 17 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Citic Telecom CPC, a Hong Kong based teleco, has recently unveiled a desktop, which according to the company will be first one of its kind to be available in the region. The desktop is launched as a service offering that will be based on the VMware Horizon. The company also revealed that the virtual solution for desktop services will seek to tap the market opportunities across enterprises in Asia Pacific. The device will showcase the ability to function across different locations, however due to lack of proper resources the company is unable to build the require infrastructure to kick-start the project.

An increasing number of companies in Hong Kong and across the economies of Asia Pacific are expanding their mobile labor force, and are capitalizing more and more on the multi-office model. The drive to introduce latest technology in the market is constantly being inhibited by the lack of efficient infrastructure in these enterprises. The present facilities are not able to extend the much needed support to the dynamic necessities of the day-to-day operations. This information was communicated by Mr. Daniel Kwong, Senior vice president at Hong Kong based Citic Telecom for the dept. of information technology.

The move, as observed by industry experts is a part of the larger goal of the company to make the reach of itself stronger in the region IT services, primarily across emerging economies such as Singapore, mainland China, and Taiwan. In order to bolster the teleco’s cloud offerings, the company has also launched its first ever cloud data center in Shanghai in 2014, and has plans of opening to more of the same kind in Guangzhou and Beijing during the latter half of 2015. The efforts of the company are believed will give boost to the virtualization drive in the region. 
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