Choosing Specific Driving Time Can Control Traffic Congestion

Published By : 12 Dec 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Rush-hour traffic congestion comes as a nightmare for a very long period of time in most of the cities for the world over. The idea of a Ph.D. student has put a smile on those faces who are getting victimized by the traffic rush on regular basis – either on their way to work or the way home.

Saving time on a specific traffic lane; just like reserving a seat on a flight will help in balancing out the traffic flows. It is observed in and around cities – rush-hour traffic is mostly avoided by people who have lengthy commute. Because they have the incentive in adjusting their times and finding the minimum optimal time in between leaving work and arriving destination.

Intelligent Planned Traffic System Can impact Long-term Urban Planning

Although, the idea of ‘congestion charge’ would always be effective in order to reduce traffic congestion, the solution is not particularly feasible and popular. The modern thinking reveals the similar idea of air travel where passengers need to reserve their seats before boarding the flight. The idea of reserving lane is somewhat similar to how the passengers can continue booking their seats on that particular plane until it’s full. The special reserved lane system also demands for reservation on a specific time beforehand; to calculate the total number of vehicles on the reserved segment of the lane to avoid congestion. Commuters who don’t agree to the system can always choose the regular congested road lanes whenever they must.

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