Chinese Railway to Help India Bolster its Railway Network

Published By : 08 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China has a suggestion for its neighbor India: Start bullet trains and raise the speeds of trains on existing tracks. According to the deputy chief engineer of the China Railway, Zhao Guotang, both the nations face the same issues- large territorial area and population more than a billion. Zhao mentioned to an Indian delegation that upgrading the railway infrastructure will lead to faster economic development in India.  China was facing similar dilemma as India whether to increase the speed of its existing tracks or to build the bullet trains, while going through the development phase to become the second largest economy. Bullet trains travel at 350 kilometers and above and high speed trains travel at around 160 to 180 kilometers. Zhao recommended in the meeting that combining both the approaches would be good, however, bullet trains will have a huge positive impact on economy.

China is helping India to modernize its railways according to the agreements in various areas such as raising the speed of the tracks, modernizing railway stations, training 100 railway personnel, and setting up a railway university. Also, China is conducting a feasibility study for a high speed railway track for New Delhi-Chennai route, whereas Japan is doing the same for Mumbai-Ahmedabad route. China is pitching to export its high speed technology abroad, and Zhao mentioned that their technology is far advanced than that of the Japanese. China has also a team of highly trained frontline staffs to deliver the projects. As Zhao said, this has started China’s High Speed Rail (HSR) development. 
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