Chinese Melon Touted as Natural Sweetener in Beverages by Kiwi-Chinese Co.

Published By : 13 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A natural fruit juice made from a Chinese melon is being presented as a natural alternative to reduce the intake of sugar in everyday food and beverages such as juices, yoghurts, and cereals, without compromising on the flavor.

Sweet Delicious, a low calorie natural alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar is being developed using the monk fruit by Guilin GFS Monk Fruit Corporation, a Chinese and Kiwi joint venture company. 

The product is known to possess numerous benefits compared to currently available low calorie sweeteners. Apart from being completely natural, Sweet Delicious is taken to be a food ingredient instead of an additive. Its clean taste profile enables it to be used in a wide range of beverages and foods.

General manager of sales and marketing at Monk Fruit Corporation David Thorrold said that product formulators today have a set of tools that comprise sugar alcohols, high intensity sweeteners, and low calorie sugars. However, all these products have their own set of challenges and limitations in terms of labeling, taste, and consumer perception.

Sweet Delicious, however, is an all natural fruit juice that has a very clean taste. It meets the increasing consumer demand for natural ingredients and food products that don’t compromise on flavor. 

Sweet Delicious monk fruit juice will be launched for the first time in Australian supermarkets later in the year in a product that is being developed by Smartfoods. 

Innovation and product development manager at Smartfoods King Chok said that the company has in the past worked with sweeteners of high intensity. However, the concentrate of monk fruit juice has beaten all the other alternatives not just when it comes to taste but also in being a rather consumer friendly ingredient label. King Chok added that monk fruit juice is being incorporated in the new product formulation because of all these benefits. 
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