Chinese Medical Company Wego Launches Medical Devices in Kenya

Published By : 20 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Wego, one of the leading medical device company of China recently entered the medical devices market in Kenya. Wego China recently launched their medical devices in Kenya in a function that was attended by James Macharia, the health cabinet secretary. The function was attended by Zhang Hui the mayor of Weihai City, Guo Ce the counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Kenya, and Chen Xueli the chairman of Wego Group. Many players from the Kenyan health sector accompanied CS Macharia in the function. South Sudan envoys and Malawian were among the other representatives of many countries as China decided to extend their services and partnership in Kenya from road infrastructure to medical devices sector. 

The Chinese government was congratulated in the function by Mr. Macharia for setting up a base in Kenya with huge investments and for bringing their leading companies to operate in Kenya. The Kenya government is willing to offer full support for such ventures so that the residents can avail affordable healthcare services, said Macharia. On the other hand, the Chinese mayor appreciated the Kenya government and representatives of the healthcare industry for offering business cooperation. Besides the ongoing engagements, there are many other areas, which China and Kenya can explore together, stated the Chinese mayor.  

Further in the function, the Wego chairman said that the company is planning to build a manufacturing plant in the heart of Kenya. Wego currently owns thousands of varieties of high-valued products and medical devices. Wego Group is one of the biggest medical device supplier in China offering a wide variety of disposable medical devices and equipment. Wego Group, currently, has more than 25,000 employees. By offering medical devices and healthcare services in Kenya, Wego Group is planning to extend China’s healthcare and medical device industry. Support from the governments of China and Kenya will make this project a big success. 

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