Chinese Fashion and Textile Industry Delegation Hosted by WGSN at NY Fashion Week

Published By : 16 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The New York Fashion Week 2015 that started recently, a delegation from the fashion and textile industry of China was hosted by WGSN. The delegation which is being conducted by China Textile Information Center (CTIC), the agency that serves the massive fashion and textile industry in China constituting more than 20,000 companies. WGSN is a global business that specializes in fashion, consumer, design trends, and insights.

The delegation visiting from China is represented by a number of large garment manufacturers and upcoming apparel retailers in the country. More than 20 representatives of the delegation are involved in the fashion and textile industry in China.

While in New York, the delegation from China will receive deeper insights regarding the United States fashion industry. The delegation will also having a meeting with the New York City Economic Development Corporation to look into opportunities that may be available for investment in China and in the U.S.

Apart from this, the delegates have programs on their agenda – attend informational sessions at King  & Partners, WGSN, and Parsons New School for Design. The delegation will also attend Parsons MFA Fashion Runway Show, which is the annual event of the school to be held on September 16, 2015. The show has been sponsored by WGSN.

The Director of the Fashion and Arts Teams at New York City Economic Development Corporation commented that the agency is looking forward for a meaningful dialogue in a bid for New York to achieve its global standing for innovation and economic growth. The dialogue also looks forward to facilitate investments in a bid to diversify and develop the local manufacturing community in New York.

Earlier in the year at the Cannes Lions extravaganza, WGSN and its parent company Top Right Group made an announcement for a joint venture with WGSN China and CTIC in the pursuit to accelerate business growth in China. 

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