Chinese Disliking Dog’s Meat on Account of Concerns Regarding Animals

Published By : 19 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A restaurant in China serving dogs on the menu for around 50 years has closed down after a drop in demand.

The Sunshine Restaurant, which started to offer dog meat dishes in Guangzhou, China in 1963, has shut down due to decrease in demand - as well as stricter regulation of dog meat restaurants, reports the South China Morning Post. Other venues which were known for offering dog and cat dishes in the city's Yuancun and Panyu districts have also ceased to supply such meals this year, it's been reported.

One Guangzhou citizen told a local daily that more and more people have realized the importance of protecting animals and refuse to eat dog meat. The safety of dog meat consumption has been called into question in recent times, with food quality authorities in the city warning people to stop eating the meat.

The shut-down of The Sunshine Restaurant, which is now a clothes shop, comes after the annual Southern Chinese Yulin Dog Meat Festival, moved its date to throw protesters off the scent of the event. Animal lovers last year gathered at the Yulin festival in Guangxi to protest the event, prompting vendors to swing dogs around by their necks to taunt them.

The local government has since prohibited public displays of killing during the festival.
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