Chinese Daily Accuses India of Illegal Oil Exploration off Vietnam Coast

Published By : 02 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Chinese daily today reported that India’s plan to go ahead with its oil exploration off the coast of Vietnam in South China Sea is illegal. The state-sun daily further added that this activity will be an unwise move by the country and might sabotage the thawing ties between the two countries. The editorial published by the daily stated that the India’s intent to continue its oil exploration in the already disputed waters of South China Sea will complicate the issues. It further stated that it will also do a disservice to the positivity in the Indo-China ties.

The editorial, titled 'India should rethink its oil exploration plans' said the plans to explore oil on the mentioned coast were reported by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India. India’s response to this discussion has been that it is purely an economic activity which has no relation to the dispute, is what the daily claimed. Given the strained nature of relations between the two nations this oil exploration is only expected to aggravate the situation. On the other hand, China has been consciously defending its plans of creating an economic corridor with Pakistan via PoK. Its explanation so far has been that they are only engaging in commercial activities which will improve the livelihoods of many.

The daily further made claims that interference of outsiders such as the United States has already eliminated the chances of resolving this matter amicably. It added that India must be more responsible in dealing with this matter, as the country has a huge stake in maintaining stability and peace.
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