Chinas President Xi Jinping to Welcome Business Proposals from U.S. Construction Companies

Published By : 24 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Xi Jinping, the president of China, will be soon opening the doors for the U.S. companies with better business opportunities and new projects. Xi Jinping met 30 chief executives including senior leaders from brands such as Microsoft, Disney, General Motors, and Apple. The China Council for Promotion of International Trade and the Paulson Institute hosted the event for promotion of International Trade.  The main motto behind this is to stabilize shaky relations with some of the major companies of the United States, stated Xi Jinping, during the meeting. According to the president, the restrictions on the U.S. companies will be erased and this will create an opportunity for the Chinese construction industry to flaunt their potential. 

The president agreed upon certain issues such as limitations on foreign investments, intellectual property theft, and said that Chinese government will take all possible efforts to fix them. China is planning to build a business environment, based on certain laws that will welcome open business environment. Xi Jinping will be offering his support for an investment agreement with the U.S. with clearer business rules and regulations for foreign investment. According to the president, the agreement would defiantly lead to transparent markets.  

On the other hand, the Chinese construction companies will hope to see certain positive steps from the construction companies of the United States to ease off the business restrictions. This will be beneficial for both, China and the United States, and ofcourse boost the overall construction industry. Xi boosted the Chinese investment in the U.S. by announcing that China will be spending around $1.25 trillion amount in foreign investment with 400,000 fill-time jobs in the U.S. over the next decade. In his remarks during the event, Xi Jinping recalled his support to Disney to construct the first theme park, Shanghai Disney Resort, in the Chinese region, which is now under construction. This demonstrated openness for business from both the countries.

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