China’s Positive Action toward Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Published By : 01 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China has finally released the greenhouse gas related goals ahead of the United States meeting for climate change, scheduled later this year. 

The Chinese prime minister said China would strive to reduce its carbon emissions before 2030 as a part of its pledge to United Nations in 2014. According to the statement, China will cut its CO2 emissions by per unit GDP to 60-65%, which is a substantial increase from the earlier 2020 goal.

Since 2005, China has achieved 33% reduction as the government had ordered its manufacturers to cut present levels to about 40% by 2025. The initiative confirms China’s objective of using more non-fossil fuel energy to approximately 20% by 2030. Its localized interests motivate China’s low carbon path, but there should be more initiatives to participate in ecological reforms in its economic development, according to Nick Mabey the founding director and CEO of E3G a nonprofit organization for sustainable development. 

China is the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter and the second biggest economy and the United Nations agreement on climate change cannot take place without this nation’s cooperation. Three largest CO2 emitting nations, United States, European Union, and China had already committed on reducing emissions ahead of the Paris meeting later this year. The world leaders and United Nations hope to achieve new targets that apply to all nations in the world. 

China’s minor reductions of carbon emissions seem to be huge achievements as compared to the rest of the world. In the first 4 months of this year, even 8% reduction of coal use led to decreased emissions that were equal to the total emissions of entire U.K. China has agreed to limit its coal use by 2020, as part of its global pledge of overall commitment about greenhouse gas reduction until 2030. 
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