Chinas New Space Station Will Use Solar Power To Generate Electricity

Published By : 30 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China is all set to build a massive solar power station that will be 36,000 kilometers above the ground level which is in an effort to cut on the greenhouse gases, to battle smog, and solve the problem of energy crisis. This attempt is almost on the same lines of an idea that was first floated in 1941 by a fiction writer Isaac Asimov.

If this whole plan works out well then this Chinese power station will surpass the scale of the Apollo project and also the International Space Station, and will grow to be the largest space project witnessed till date.

The Xinhua news agency informed that the Chinese power station will be a super spacecraft that will go around on a geosynchronous orbit and equipped with enormous solar panels. The electricity that will be generated from this will be converted into microwaves or in lasers and further will be transmitted to a collector on Earth.

This project is based on the short story ‘Reason’ which was published by an American science fiction writer - Isaac Asimov in 1941. In his story he had mentioned a similar space project like this which will transmit energy that is collected from the sun making use of microwave beams.

An academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences - Wang Xiji, who is also an International Academy of Astronautics member, has stated that the fiction that was written by Issac Asimov had a strong scientific base. Wang further says that the electricity which would be generated from the ground-based solar plants will fluctuate with the cycle of day and night and also when the weather changes; however, a space station will generate and collects energy almost all the time.
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