Chinas Maiden Domestic Aircraft Carrier Almost Certain to be Under Construction

Published By : 06 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China has secretly begun construction of the country’s first domestic aircraft carrier. Amidst speculations, the activity is happening at the northern Chinese shipyard, the same facility that refurbished the current Soviet-era carrier of the People’s Liberation Army Navy, as learned by USNI News.

As revealed by USNI sources, an unknown shipbuilding project looks quite certain to be the backbone of the plan for a domestically built carrier. Additionally, according to a photograph of a ship that emerged on the Chinese language Internet reveals a ship under construction, which is happening at the Dalian yard appears to be the super structure of the second carrier of the PLAN.

Following this satellite images published in September reveal a ship corresponding to the dimensions of the renovated Kuznetsov, which is a class aircraft carrier with a beam of around 115 feet and measures 886 feet in length.

However, the findings are short of a definite determination if the mystery ship at Dalian yard was a new aircraft carrier. Although the technology that was used in the construction of this ship is not compared with the original Kuznetsov of the 1980s.
 What is interesting is about the Dalian dry dock is, once home for refitting of the Liaoning after China purchased the carrier, the yard has become a hot topic of discussion among international naval watchers.

As told to USNI News by a retired Captain of the U.S. Navy, seeing how fast construction of commercial ships happen at Dalian yard, the timing of the aircraft carrier points towards building a military platform by China defense.

He further commented that counting eight months from March, the initial sections of the carrier began to rise. If it was a commercial ship, the construction would be complete by now

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