China’s Local Stringent Laws Now Cause Skype to be Off China’s App Store

Published By : 22 Nov 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Skype has disappeared from China's app store including Apple. This is expected to be a huge setback for the foreign tech service in China. Apple said that it has removed various phone call apps from the app store in China on account of the Chinese government's thinking that this is violation of local laws. Apple stated that they have been notified by the Ministry of public security that many of the voice over Internet protocol Apps do not comply with the local Chinese law and thus, need to be removed from the app store in China. Thus, Apple has removed these apps from China's app store. However, they do remain available to all other markets. 

Over the past year, China has increased its scrutiny over Internet applications and has been ordering many firms to remove hundreds of apps. This is because China does not want to allow users to communicate confidentially. The removal of these apps from the app store will ensure that users do not get around China's Great Firewall system of censorship and use overseas social media. In fact over the last 2 months, cyber authorities in China have also periodically interrupted Facebook and WhatsApp service. 

According to the local Chinese authorities, these actions have been enforced so as to protect the personal privacy of users as well as ensure that no terrorist activity can be carried out. All these restrictions in China regarding stringent internet rules can hit the local operations of various tech businesses within the country. China's real name authentication laws have been implemented earlier in 2017 which requires real names of users along with Ids and passwords which are issued by the state for all network providers to verify.

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