China’s Guangzhou Auto Show to be Turned into an Automobile Mall

Published By : 27 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to the analysis done by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the sales of passenger vehicles crossed 1,936,900 units in October 2015, which was a monthly rise by 10.60% and yearly rise by 13.34%. In all, the growth rate stood at 3.89% in the first 3 quarters in 2015. However, the sale of cars representing the auto market gained a growth of 0.20% in October, whereas the MPV segment got a micro rise of 7.78%. On the other hand, the SUV segment was the sole segment that rose considerably with a rise of 48.37% in October 2015. 

The lethargic growth in the market imposes high pressure on the car makers and franchisers. Under this conditions, some executives have been transferred to other posts. Many car makers treat Guangzhou Auto Show as a perfect platform to sell their new products in the confidence that their sales and production condition would be reversed. The Guangzhou Auto Show is considered to be inferior to Shanghai Auto Show and Beijing Auto Show. Therefore, the Guangzhou Auto Show went under pressure, considering the situation in 2015, and currently has no choice but to highlight the sales function in the show.

The Guangzhou Auto Show, this year, strongly proves itself to be a perfect selling platform where some car makers display their new products on the media day. The incident that happened in the BMW booth at the Guangzhou Auto Show, tells the story. BMW press conference was held on November 20th, where at the latter half of the day, selling vehicles was a dominant activity. Even though booths of other car brands were less crowded than BMW’s booth, all of them were willing to expand their sales. Considering this, it is expected that the Guangzhou Auto Show also, would turn out to become an automobile mall on the day when its goes public.

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