China’s Generous Investment of more than $56 Bn Aids Science, Technology Firms

Published By : 12 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to the news on venture capital investors in Beijing, China, the investors have contribute more than $56.8 billion to aid the science and technology companies in China. The development of science and technology is rising in Beijing. Several business incubators are contributing and providing service for companies dealing in science and technology. They have pumped-in more than 1,600 business incubators in the country. This was informed by the Minister of Science and Technology, Wan Gang in a media briefing commenting on the current national legislative session. 

China now has more than 1,000 organizations that are willing to invest in the startups and other businesses dealing in the field of science and technology. The capital investments exceed 350 billion yuan, around ($56 billion) added Wan. 

As per the data in the news, the total technology transaction volume in 2014 stood at 857.7 billion yuan. The value was upped by 15 percent as compared to the value in the previous year. 

Wan said that market allocation plays a significant role in this. Greater importance to let the market allocate resources help to meet the requirements of high-tech business starters, quoted state-run Xinhua news agency in its statement. 

The investment business teaches people to gain valuable insights from original incubators. Popular incubators such as Chaihuo Maker Space situated in South China’s Shenzhen and Garage Coffee in Beijing are encourage setting up more platforms in start-ups workplaces, social rooms, networks, and among shared resources, added Wan. 

Wan also requested to lower the entry for the incubators with high preferences in financial policies, which are provided for the incubators. 
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