China’s Constant Support Calms the Ebola-Hit African Nations

Published By : 11 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Recently, China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, declared that they will continue to offer medical devices and support to the West African nations, which were badly hit by the outbreak of Ebola and killed almost 11,200 people. Wang Yi, along with Alpha Conde, President of Guinea, said that they will encourage all China’s companies to invest money to build roads, railways, ports, and supply drinking water in the affected areas. 

Not very long ago, Liberia was badly affected by Ebola attack which resulted to loss of life. China had supported people in Liberia by building roads and houses. China is now ready to offer supporting shoulders to the Ebola affected areas in African Nations. China, with few other countries, offered medical services to the people in many areas. With advanced medical devices and medical gear, China will help people across the African regions to fight Ebola. 

In West Africa, China, so far has funded around $121 million cash, as medical assistance for the affected people. Apart from this, China also supported the affected regions by offering medical devices and assistance for the people. China contributed further by appointing hundreds of medical workers and many army doctors to treat the affected residents. 

To investigate the situation further, China plans to build medical centers and government offices. In Liberia, China plans to appoint officers who will be responsible to investigate a probable steel-making project. 

As per the statement from the government, on Saturday, Wang met President Ernest Bai Koroma in Sierra Leone, to discuss about public health needs and other developments. Possible investment in industrialization, construction, fishing, and mining was also planned by the government. Wang criticized many countries that passed comments on corruption, including an immediate reaction to the comments passed by President Barack Obama’s on the African Nations. Wang said that outsiders cannot decide whether the government of any country is corrupt or not, it is always decided by the people of that country.
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