China XD Plastics Company Shares Witness an Upward Trend

Published By : 04 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China XD Plastics Company Limited witnessed a rise of 4.4% in its share prices in the last week and a cumulative rise of 1.65% in the last four weeks. In the same time frame the shares also outperformed S&P 500 by 3.2%, which enhanced the total outperformance by 0.34% in the entire month. Over the last three months the company has registered a positive growth of 9.01%. The stock performance was recorded at 13.63% year-on-year.

In the past 52 weeks the shares of China XD Plastics Company Limited rallied to 14.47%. Last year on August 26, 2014 the price of the shares reached a peak of USD 7.82 and dropped to an unfortunate low of USD 3.7 on February 11, 2015. 

China XD Plastics Company Limited witnessed massive volatility on Friday. This turbulence caused significant oscillations in the share prices. The company shares opened USD 6 and reached USD 6.18 during the day. However, as the day neared an end the price was reported at USD 6.17, with total gain of 0.17 points of 2.83%. The volatility also led to a rise on trading volume, which was seen at 119,300 shares. The one year rise in the share price was seen at USD 7.82 and the market cap is estimated USD 303 million. The lowest share price recorded over the year is USD 3.7.

Presently, the company insiders have an ownership of 67.28% of the company’s shares. This status has remained the same over the last six months as well. Furthermore, the institutional investors have an ownership worth 18.2% of the company shares.
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