China will Conduct Testing on its Domestically-grown Chips

Published By : 10 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In a bid to challenge the foreign makers of chip, China will soon start conduct testing on their home grown chips. The government in China will soon start the test of chips that have been embedded in identity cards and passports and also focus on replacing the chips that are currently bought from foreign companies.
The Ministry of Public Security, they are looking for a province to test their radio frequency identification or RFID chips which have been developed as a national initiative to reduce the dependency on foreign technology in sensitive area, according to a researcher working with the First Research Institute of the ministry.

These RFID chips are found in credit cards, passports, drivers licenses store number or even in biometric data which can be scanned to verify purchase or confirm identities. RFID technology does not need the document to scan, so identity thefts and the forgeries can be conducted by hackers by getting close enough to the chip for eavesdropping risk.

According to the researcher, the localization of the chips will help to protect the security of their citizens and also to break up a situation in which only foreign companies are capable of controlling the technology.

The researcher also stated that the ministry plans to get the domestic companies to manufacture homegrown chips. This will benefit a firm called Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics that makes chips used in public transportation cards and credit cards and anther manufactures called China Electronics that makes RFID chips using the country’s national encryption standards.
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