China Travel Advisory Hurts Philippines Airlines

Published By : 22 Sep 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The low-cost Philippines-based carriers are bearing the big brunt of China’s travel warning against the country. However, Philippines is hoping this travel advisory will lift soon and restore business as usual.

Marianne Hontiveros, Chairman of AirAsia Zest stated, some flights have had to be suspended due to the travel advisory. However, she seemed hopeful that the warning will lift soon as she spoke in an interview with National ASEAN Single Aviation Market Conference. AirAsia has suspended another flight which flew the Kalibo-Beijing and Kalibo-Shanghai route until further notice.

China has issued an advisory to its citizens to avoid Philippines after a bomb hoax at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on 1st Septemnber 2014 at Terminal 3. The other reason for this advisory was an attempt to attack the Chinese embassy in Manila on the same day.

The advisory stated, due to the worsened security situation in Philippines, the consular department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests Chinese citizens to avoid traveling to Philippines during these turbulent times. 

This advisory translates to Chinese tour operators cancelling services to Philippines despite individual travelers intention to travel to the country. It is only after Chinese government gets an assurance that the nationals are safe will they allow the travel to take place and lift the advisory.

However, in the meantime Hontiveros hopes that China lifts the advisory for the important activities of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation that will be hosted in China this year. Before this advisory, China ranked as the 4th biggest tourism market for Philippines.
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