China to Witness Shuffle in the Leadership of Oil and Gas Companies

Published By : 04 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to many analysts, the constant fall of solar energy manufacturing prices, the market is experiencing and enjoying the ‘boom’. In most of the countries across the globe, solar power is made available now, at a cheaper rate, which is less than gas, coal, diesel oil, or nuclear energy.

China, who is all set to clean up its tremendously increasingly polluted air, has decided to raise its target of solar energy for the current year. China has announced that they will add around 2.5 times the capacity of solar energy which the United States has added in the previous year.

National Energy Administration (NEA) of China had recently stated that more than 5GW of solar capacity had been added in the first quarter of this year, which is more than the capacity of the first two quarters of the previous year together.

The recently provided data by NEA China, has given signs about how the nation is planning to be on the track and achieve its targets of climate-change, which they had agreed on with the U.S. in the previous year. According to the terms decided in the deal, the carbon emissions in China will not at all peak after 2030 and the share of its non-fossil fuel of its energy consumption will rise to 20 %, up from the initial 10% in the recent years.

A multinational clean-energy power manufacturing company, Hanergy Holding Group and the world's biggest thin-film solar power company, which is China’s biggest manufacturer of solar energy, has planned to increase the number of user experience centers up to 300 on the mainland in this year and up to 1,500 across the globe by the end of 2017.
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