China to Renew Assistance for Small Cultural Businesses

Published By : 25 Feb 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China’s minister of culture Cai Wu has said that the country stands committed to investing in and encouraging the growth of smaller companies that operate within China’s cultural sector. As part of these encouraging initiatives, the ministry would draft policies that are especially aimed at creating a favorable business platform for small and mid-sized businesses. According to the minister, these policies are currently being drafted and that they would be implemented in the near future. Most likely, these policies will come into effect by mid 2014, the minister said.

To achieve this end, the ministries of finance and culture are currently working in close collaboration with each other. The most important part of this project would be to secure the required financial support for smaller companies that are working within the cultural arena. Many of these companies are carrying forward rare forms of Chinese art, but are struggling for existence owing to a lack of funds. If China is to preserve these dying art forms from being lost in oblivion, it will have to take steps towards breathing life into these businesses through effective policies. Cai was speaking at a press conference recently. 

According to him, the planned initiatives will help these companies expand their businesses besides seeing a rise in profitability. With health development in this sector, it can be expected that China’s cultural market will receive a much-needed boost. 

Besides drafting and implementing policies, the culture ministry in China also has plans of establishing a number of associations specific to a variety of cultural industries. This will comprise drafting art gallery guidelines, authentication services for art work, as well as selling assistance. Other important aspects that need to be addressed in China are relic preservation, better research rules, cultural services, public libraries, as well as setting up more museums.

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