China to Push its Clean Energy Efforts Further with Massive Wind Power Project

Published By : 08 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China infamous for being the world’s biggest polluter has increasingly put in efforts to reduce their carbon emissions level. China to address domestic issues like smog choking and to also show its efforts to address global climate change initiatives has increasingly invested and innovated in the clean energy sector.

Driven by these factors, China has pledged to reduce its carbon emission rate substantially in the coming few years. Furthermore, sectors such as the solar energy sector and the wind power sector have grown by leaps and bounds in the nation. In addition to this, the dependency on coal in China, which has been the conventional fuel used to create electricity has reduced greatly.

In a drive to further fuel the dependence on renewable energy sources and to decrease their emission rates, the nation has started working on a massive wind power project. A wind farm on Nandri, which is one of the small group of islands based in the Taiwan Strait located off the coast of the province called Fujian has begun construction.

This farm is expected to have a capacity of 400 MW and once complete in 2018 it will yield around 1.4 billion KW hours of electricity per year. Furthermore, it would go a long away as the wind farm will have power that will be equivalent of burning 450,000 metric tons of coal. In addition to this, it would help save around 4.4 million metric tons of water which is required for generating energy using coal.

Nandri, since 2005, has accommodated a smaller wind farm that has delivered electricity quite reliably to its 50,000 inhabitants. Hence, this site is seen as an ideal location for producing wind power as it experiences an average of 320 windy days per year. In fact, this site is even prone to typhoons and hurricanes.

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