China to Permit Health Insurance Claims for Private Hospital Visits

Published By : 05 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Department of health in China is all slated to allow patients to claim health insurance for visits made to private hospitals, as commented by the main administrative authority. This is the last mark from Beijing which will ease pressure on the overburdened public health care system of the country.

To satisfy the diverse health care needs in the country, the state plans to lower the threshold for health providers in the private arena, as commented by state council of China.

Other plans of the state includes to offer preferential tax treatment for private health care providers and to streamline the approval process to establish a clinic or hospital.

This will also give chance for equal treatment for medical staff, irrespective of whether they work in private or public hospital settings and remove requirement on number of beds for each hospital.

China has chalked out a five year roadmap in March. As per the outlines of the plan, the number of general doctors will be doubled by 2020, the public sector will receive trimming and improvement in technology is slated. 

The idea is to fix a health care system which is infested by snarling queues and pathetic rural services. 

This was announced by the State council of China on its website last night on Thursday. There are other plans also which include preferred tax treatment for operators in the private health care settings and to streamline the whole process which an entity need to go through to establish a health care facility. This will also aid equal chances of labor policy for people working in health care system. 
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