China to Legislate the Harshest Food Law Ever

Published By : 13 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

For the first time after 2009, China is now gearing up to update its food safety laws. The laws are hailed to be the harshest safety regulations that the country has witnessed so far. The Food Safety Law to be legislated by this year will have a significant impact on foreign as well as domestic firms with food business in China. 

According to reports, the new food safety laws will come in effect on October 1st, 2015. The new set of laws is a clear indication of the fact that the Chinese government is preparing to crack down the food scandals that has plagued the country for a while now, which led to uproars in social media and weakened consumer confidence significantly. However, foreign firms have allegedly capitalized on these scandals, as the growing population of Chinese middle class families have resorted to imported and foreign class food to avoid side effects which often occur due to the consumption of local food products. As a result, foreign brands at present account for 80 per cent of the infant formula market in China, since the local population wants to take no chances with their child’s health. Reports suggest the infamous 2008 melamine scandal, in which discrepancy in infant food formula led to the death of 6 infants and over 300,000 fell severely sick, has driven the demand for foreign food, which guarantees high quality. 

Revision of Food Safety Laws, alongside introducing amendments in Administrative Measures, Advertising Law, and Consumer Protection Law in the country indicates Chinese government is taking food safety on high priority. By revising these laws to enhance food safety, the government is hoping to propel the market for domestic products, especially in foreign dominated areas of the market.
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