China to Encourage Consumption of Renewable Energy in the Area of Public Transport

Published By : 24 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The government of China is taking steps towards encouraging the substitution of non renewable energy sources with renewable energy, primarily in the area of public transport. The Transportation ministry of China has put forth a rather ambitious target that pertains to the use f clean energy by the public transport segment of China. 

The main rationale is to bring a minimum of 300000 taxis and public buses operating on new energy on the roads of China by the decade end. The division is as such: 100000 taxis and 200000 buses running on renewable energy. A couple of days back, China had launched the very first tram car which is hydrogen powered in the Eastern province of China, which is Shandong. 

As per the concerned authorities, vehicles have been categorized on the basis of renewable energy sources that they consume such as those that are hybrid EVs, electric vehicles that are cell-based, and renewable energy, on the one hand, and those vehicles that consume other alternative fuels. Such vehicles are in fact, known as the “new energy vehicles”. They propose to convert about 35% of the urban logistics automotives, taxis, and public buses to the “new energy sources” very soon in the area of Tianjin. Tianjin happens to be the most polluted areas of Beijing and also within the other adjacent areas of the province of Hebei. These areas have very high degrees of pollution. 

The authority has made proposals for incentivizing the transportation firms which are engaged in introducing and launching new energy vehicles. Furthermore, with a view to reducing traffic congestion, several restrictions on buying and using new energy vehicles will soon be removed. 
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