China to Drive Electric Vehicles Adoption Propelled by Smog Choking

Published By : 29 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The China energy market is progressing rapidly. The growing awareness of consumers towards renewable energy and energy efficiency is changing the dynamics of the energy market in China. Furthermore, the growing focus on cleaner sources of energy is driving innovation in the China energy market. In spite of the growing efforts of China to curb pollution and adopt clean energy sources, pollution continues to be a major issue the country faces.

Take the example of smog that is seen around urban places in China. In order to curb pollution, China is taking more aggressive steps. China is now planning to move to new energy car business aggressively and will soon be implementing a range of new policies that will focus on lifting purchase restrictions via the usual lottery systems in place and it will also remove traffic controls to curb the use of fossil fuel-powered cars. This is expected to stimulate the sale of electric vehicles in China and also fuel the construction of electric charging infrastructure in China.

Such moves are expected to resolve the issue of the absence of charging poles and the government in China is now working towards standardizing so that one size can fit all. In addition to this, green policies are being expected from both the local and national governments. Moreover, pure electric vehicles in the market are now gaining favor over hybrids. All the new residential developments in China are now being mandated to feature corresponding charging stations that take care of electric vehicles.

The issue of smog choking has propelled government policymakers of all the major cities in the country that are now seeking ways to formulate new measured focused on relieving pressure on the environment. The State Council in China released guidelines on 9th of this month to construct a nationwide charging network and is pushing charging infrastructure deployment to surpass electric vehicle expansion

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