China to Deploy NFC SIMs for Promoting the NFC Transport System

Published By : 02 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

NFC SIMs, Gemalto’s UpTeq Multi tenant has been selected by China Telecom for the deployment of secure and effective transport services of NFC in Beijing and Shanghai which are China’s two main largest cities.  The deployment of this service will ensure that close to 45 million commuters in China will be able to pay for their daily local travelling via a tap on their cell phones. 

NFC SIMs consist of the LTE management software of Gemalto; which enables people to download several applications with the help of the mobile broadband. Only for the purpose of payment, there are almost four million terminals in China that accept the QuickPass service of UnionPay. With an enormous smartphones user base, China offers immense potential for transactions that are mobile based. 

With the launch and introduction of the transport services of NFC by China’s largest mobile operators, almost each and every commuter in the city will be able to travel throughout the city with the help of their smartphones. This SIM facility also enables the use of BestPay, which is the brainchild of China’s telecom sector. BestPay offers services such as payment of bills, provision of financial products, and ticketing services to the users. 

Gemalto and China Telecom have been in partnership for a rather long time now. According to a senior official in the Korea and China segment of Gemalto, in 2014 the company had provided custom made special NFC SIMs for the countrywide launch of the NFC services. Gemalto has received the commercial license of the 4G FDD-LTE which will eventually enable the company to leverage Gemalto’s SIMs’ added LTE feature that will offer enhanced and rapid services (NFC) to the customers. This will eventually lead to greater and extensive adoption of and demand for contactless mobile services all over China. 
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