China to Bring About Reforms in the Healthcare Sector

Published By : 24 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The economy of China will soon be increasing the subsidies that it extends to healthcare. It plans on increasing the amount of subsidies by 19% in the current year as a step towards deepening social reforms in addition to strengthening the safety nets. This was declared by the government on Saturday. 

Healthcare subsidies extended by the government for rural and urban residents is anticipated to be increased to around 380 yuan from approximately 320 yuan in the year earlier. This information was disclosed by the National Health and Family Planning Commission on their official website. The government will also be taking active steps towards reducing the medical checks and also the overall cost that is incurred on drugs and medicines. 

Moreover, the government will also be working towards reforms such as greater availability of physicians and medical specialists in villages and rural areas and also better salary structures of healthcare employees. One of the major factors that has led to the paucity of doctors in China is the fact that they are paid very low wages. This is a grave problem in most hospitals in China, and there are instances wherein doctors go the extent of even accepting bribes from patients who are frustrated and those who want to get access to better and improved medical attention. 

Also, owing to low coverage of insurance, out-of-pocket expenditure for patients proves to be a very high. Several economists have stated that it is of utmost importance for the dragon economy to bring about improvements in the quality of healthcare if it wants to rebuild the economy and give a boost to its domestic consumption patterns. It is also believed that the creation of a better safety net may be able to encourage the masses in China to save less and perhaps spend more. 
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