China Telecom Gets a Target Price of US$78.79 for One Year

Published By : 14 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China Telecom Corp Ltd. has been given a one year price target of US$78.79 on a consensus basis. The telecom giant has a trailing EPS of US$3.50 for 12 months. The consensus estimation of analysts on the basis of the first call for the upcoming quarter is 0.00. The EPS estimation for the current year on the equity stock is US$3.87 and the estimation sits at US$4.65 for the next year.

The company’s shares opened at the recent most trading session at US$55.44 and closed at US$55.44. In the present trading session the stock reached a height of US$55.49 as well as declined till US$55.28. The NYQ listed company has a market cap of US$44.87 billion at present and on an average, it has seen 67045 shares exchanging hands on a daily basis over the previous 3 months.

On the technical level, the company’s stock has a moving average of US$56.53 for 50 days. According to a recent trade session, this puts the stock at -1.93% away from that average. Comparing the current level of the stock to its prolonged history, the stock is trading away -29.18% from its 52-week high of US$78.28 and +7.71% from the low point of the stock over the previous US$52 weeks, which sits at US$51.47.

The P/E ratio of the company sits at US$15.84 in general. While, calculating the EPS estimations from sell-side analysts for the current year, the ratio for Price to EPS of the current year stands at US$14.33. The projected Price to EPS for the upcoming year is US$11.92 on this stock.
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