China Telecom and GE Join Hands to Push Forward Industrial Internet Scheme

Published By : 10 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China Telecom and General Electric Co. made a joint announcement of entering into a partnership with each other in order to drive the industrial Internet scheme.

The U.S.-based multinational corp., GE, is slated to provide its software platform named Predix to China Telecom and let is construct a data platform using the software. The platform is expected to assist industries in connecting to each other. Predix, the software to be used for integrating cloud-based platform and industrial organizations is likely to connect various industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, aviation, and healthcare.

Mr. Jeffrey R. Immelt, the CEO of GE, stated during the conference that the capability to modify the information into better utilization of asset, better performance of fuel, and better security for airlines, utilities or hospitals, the industrial Internet all about this things.

Adding to it, Mr. Immelt told that the industrial Internet is comprised of five aspects and stated that it will assist in building a living network of the machines, data, and individuals, and will include software such as advanced controls and sensors to develop system intelligence.

China Telecom plans to invest around US$12.9 billion on an annual basis to set up an industrial circle for the scheme. Mr. Yang Jie, executive director, China Telecom, stated that up-taking of Internet technologies will assist the company in speeding up the preparation of all optical fiber networks.

According to experts, the collaboration between GE and China Telecom can be seen as the next step to carry forward the "Made in China 2025" scheme of China.
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