China Tech Giants to Develop a Futuristic Car

Published By : 22 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The technology giants of China Tencent, the WeChat messaging app provider and Alibaba have assured to build the vehicles of the future. These vehicles will be connected seamlessly to the internet services which will also provide shopping and navigation facility while driving on the road. These two e-commerce companies have jointly made an announcement about their plans for the future cars in the previous month, along with the video streaming platform Letv.

Analysts said that, this huge step in the automotive industry can shake up the conventional industry in the world's biggest auto manufacturer; however the details of their visions for cars are still quite vague. At the auto show held in Shanghai in this week, the unit of BAIC Motor, Letv's partner in this venture, displayed the whole concept of this vehicle. This car will have two seats in the front along with a steering wheel and futuristic and an innovative screen control panel.
Jia Yueting, the Chief Executive Officer of Letv stated on his microblog that in the era of mobile Internet, the automotive industry is going through a huge revolution. The automotive industry in China has the potential to surpass the conventional American, Korean, Japanese, and European auto giants. In a promotional film that was shown at the Shanghai auto show informed that the Letv’s car will be having features such as automatic parking, gesture recognition, and a fingerprint recognition for locking the vehicle.

On this issue the principal analyst for IHS Automotive, Namrita Chow informed AFP that they have not yet seen any products. All the talked features and car is still in its concept stage.
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