China taking Big Steps towards Reducing Carbon Emissions

Published By : 06 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China previously infamous for being one of the biggest polluter in the world is now setting an example in the renewable energy field. China has multiplied its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically. Furthermore, recently China increased its output capacity of solar energy for 2015 by a few gigawatts. This shows that China’s ambitious pledge to reduce carbon emissions will be realized and some believe it might be sooner than later.

China in order to achieve its renewable energy target is focusing on the solar energy sector. Furthermore, the world is now trending towards solar energy as it is an affordable energy and is projected to be even more affordable in the coming few years. China is currently the most advanced and rapidly growing market for solar energy. The solar target for this year was noted in China at 15 gigawatts but now has been raised to 17.8 gigawatts. Furthermore, a report from the BNEF stated that in January 2015 it was unveiled that at a total of US$89.5 billion the country has become the biggest market in the renewable energy industry.

Last year, China stated that its share of renewable energy will increase from 9.8% noted in the year 2013 to that of 15% by end of 2020. This will be achieved via raising the solar capacity of the nation from 15 gigawatts to that of 100 gigawatts. In the few years, China has already taken big steps towards achieving this massive goal.

Recently, China set up a new solar plant in the Gobi desert. This plant is expected to use the technology called heliostats for concentrating sunlight on a centrally located tower. This will allow to generate energy and thus provide a better alternative to the standard solar trough system in a much more efficient manner. This solar plant is expected to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions substantially and reduce the reliance of coal fired plants.
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