China Sports Supplements Could Get Overhaul After Imminent Sports Summit

Published By : 13 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The sports nutrition market in China is experiencing a splendid rate of growth at the moment. Players from the global markets are highly interested in entering China after witnessing a surge in consumption rates over the past few years. However, a range of problems still hold down the growth rate of this market, something that experts believe should be addressed soon.

Regulatory Pressure Strains High Growth Rate of Fitness Products and Supplements Markets in China
Jeff Crowther, the executive director of Health Products Association for US-China, stated that the fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries in China at the moment, and yet is still hampered by a number of problems, most of them being regulatory. Another issues plaguing this market is the lack of correspondence. There is a highly limited number of sales and distribution channels for actual sports supplements in China, especially from the perspective of gyms. Gyms are globally considered to be a prime source of sales for sports supplements for the general fitness oriented consumer, and the absence of these sales channels is playing a major part in the slowing down of the sports goods market.

Nutraceuticals Sales to Open Up in China
The current regulations are highly dissected based on the type of sports supplement and its form. For instance, the capsules and pills are under a much heavier regulatory pressure in comparison to supplements that are sold as food items. Therefore, changing the delivery system is a strategy used by a lot of companies, but it comes at the cost of reduced efficacy. On the other hand, items that fall under capsules and pill will require a higher level of certifications, which can take years to attain.

The US-China Health Products Association is hoping to change all of that through a major conference to be held in June. Attendees expected include New Nutrition, Glanbia, Fonterra, Blackmore’s, and Alibaba. These names could be a sign that the sports supplements market in China will be undergoing a lot of changes that will make it easier for players to prosper and sales to be efficient.

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