China Pavilion at Milan Expo Displays the Rich Food Culture of China

Published By : 10 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Milan Expo is one of the most celebrated events to be hosted annually, and China is one of the most prominent participants in the event. The China Pavilion at Milan this year is spread over four thousand and five hundred (4,500) square meters. The pavilion showcases the China’s contribution to the world in terms of agricultural produce, especially how the Chinese have contributed to the global food culture. It is no surprise that the China Pavilion this year has emerged as the most popular pavilion at the Milan expo. 

In every aspect, the China Pavilion beautifully echoes the theme of the Milan Expo this year, which is “Feeding the Planet, Energy of Life”. The design of the China Pavilion evokes the texture and the look of the bright produce of golden wheat swaying in the wind. This design is helping the pavilion to attract people to know more about glorious agricultural history of China, especially the reforms which the country adopted that has helped its food culture to flourish. 

The pavilion is built in four parts vis-à-vis Harmony, Earth, Human, and Heaven. Each of these individual segments narrates the relationship between the Chinese people and their food culture. 

Key highlight in the China Pavilion are the clay sculptures, which exhibits the production process observed for one of the signature Chinese foods – the Peking roast duck. The pavilion also has a very attractive installation which is called, “Land of Hope”, which displays an enigmatically colorful field made up of over 20,000 LED lights. This installation represents the technological and scientific developments that the country has achieved. 

For entertainment, the pavilion has also arranged a string of activities for visitors to participate in.
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