China Launches Satellite to Explore Far Side of Moon

Published By : 21 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The hemisphere of the moon that is always faced away from the earth is also known as the dark side of the moon. Now China is gearing up to land on it with a relay satellite launched on Monday. It is built to generate a communication link between earth and the nation’s lunar probe that would help unravel the dark side of the moon. This was announced by the official news agency Xinhua.

Xinhua further informed, gathering information from China National Space Administration that the satellite launch was at 21:28 GMT Sunday, which was wee hours of Monday morning for China.

Launch Makes China the First Nation to Send Probe on Dark Side of Satellite

With the launch, China would become the first nation on this planet to send a probe for soft landing on and explore the dark side of our only satellite. This move is an assertion of the nation’s place as a space superpower and also the first spacecraft for China’s Chang’e-4 lunar mission.

In 2015, the biggest economy first made public its intent of having Chang'e-4 lunar to land on the hemisphere of the lunar surface which is farthest from the earth. The spacecraft will finally land at the end of this year.

The satellite has been propelled into the space by an indigenous rocket named Queqiao from the space launch center called Xichang, which is situated in southwestern China.

Queqiao, meaning “magpie bridge” in local parlance, detached from the rocket after 25 minutes of blasting off.

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