China Key Priority for 2015 - Food Safety and Modernizing Farms

Published By : 03 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

This year in its 2015 rural policy outline, China has listed two things as its top priorities. These are food safety and modernizing farms. This policy tackles the declining agricultural productivity experienced in China which has raised concerns about its future food supply.

The first document issued every year in January and released by the state news agency called Xinhua on Sunday demonstrated that China will protect its farmland and focus more to on lending to farmers and narrow a wealth gap between urban and rural areas. These attempts to clean up land which has been damaged due to heavy metal mining and processing has widened this year and the permanent farmland is off limit of urban and industrial development will be initiated, according to the document.

Many modern farms will be installed and the rules and regulations regarding the quality of food and other farm products will be further enhanced, the document stated. As per land reforms focused at allowing farmers to trade their land to reduce poverty and initiate larger and more efficient farms, the document mentioned that it will focus on expanding its experiment which registers land usage rights to cover almost all the provinces.

Farmers in China conventionally hold a long-term land use contracts which is allocated by the government. This allows them to farm the land, however, not sell it. In China the struggle to squeeze as much food out of its decreasing contaminated land as possible, due to growing demand from its ever increasing urban regions exist.

About a third of population of China dwells in rural areas, and many people have already migrated to cities, which has reduced productivity on farms. This has raised concerns about the country’s future food output.
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