China Huiyuan Juice Group Unfazed by Country’s Economic Slowdown

Published By : 07 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The recent market turmoil and the economic slowdown in China seems to have barely any impact on China Huiyuan Juice Group Ltd. The company is still ambitious of selling even more high priced pure fruit juices to locals who are gaining serious health consciousness.

Huiyuan Juice is a prominent pure juice maker in China and in 2009, Coca Cola failed in its efforts to purchase the company. The company is anticipating the sales in the second half of this year to grow in line with the 31 per cent development registered in the first half of 2015. This was driven by the sales of pure juices because more and more Chinese have been adopting the concept of healthy living, according to Yu Hongli, chief executive officer of Huiyuan Juice. 

In an interview Yu Hongli said that even though the Chinese economy is slowing down, the company witnesses a huge market potential in terms of sales growth driven by pure juice. The Beijing based beverage company will be targeting higher income Chinese locals, for whom, health is more important than money. Cheaper variants of the juice in the product mix will continue to be sold to mass market customers.

Rising concerns over health and food safety have been creating a wave of awareness among the growing middle class in the country and prompting them to pay more for improved quality of foods and beverages. The common perception among consumers, according to report published by Euromonitor International Plc in April, is that products with a higher price range tend to contain better quality ingredients. The pure juice market in China is anticipated to develop at 57 per cent , according to data revealed by the Euromonitor report, and is anticipated to rise from US$ 862 million in 2014 to US$ 1.4 billion by 2019.

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