China FDA Issues Warning About Sale of Fake Cancer Drugs Online

Published By : 25 Jun 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has issued a warning asking customers to refrain from purchasing illegally imported drugs for cancer cure. The agency said in a circular issued by it that most such drugs are fake, and could harm patients’ health. The CFDA found cancer drugs such as Iressa, that the sellers claimed to have imported from India, were counterfeit. These drugs were available for purchase via various websites at a price that was one-tenth that of the legally approved drugs prescribed for the same conditions. The drug Iressa, which is also sold as Gefitinib, is widely used in treating cancers of the breast and lung. 

The administration, on investigating these reported cases of counterfeit drugs, found that many of these products being sold online did not carry the CFDA’s mark of approval. Further investigations revealed that many of these drugs had been produced in China, by firms that were operating in illegal facilities, the circular stated.

Besides drugs that had been produced in China, many of these drugs had been illegally imported from abroad, and the involvement of unqualified individuals in this racket is suspected.

China’s leading food and drug administration warned consumers to be vigilant while purchasing drugs online, especially when it came to making purchases of drugs that were imported. In China, the sale of any kind of cancer drug can only be made with a written prescription from a registered medical practitioner. Moreover, the sale of prescription drugs in China is prohibited.
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