China Encouraging the Research for Sooner Adoption of 5G Technology

Published By : 17 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China has been one of the early adopters of the latest telecommunication technologies. This time as well, when the world is standing on the verge of the advent of the new age 5G connection, the economy has already engaged in the research and survey of inherent benefits that the fifth generation mobile network is set to offer. 5G will have significant application in driverless vehicles, as told by the Chinese Vice-Minister of industry and information technology. 

Huai Jinpeng, the Deputy to National People’s Congress in the country said that the latest technology will have application across several sectors including navigation, driverless vehicles, news casting, and manufacturing. Huai’s take on the 5G technology came after the Minister of Industry and Information Technology in China, Miao Wei, was quoted by media that his department is gearing up to select six sectors that will bolster intelligent manufacturing, however, intelligent vehicle will remain the main sector where 5G technology will be put to application. The statement was reported by Global Times on Monday. 

Telecom analysts Ma Jihua speaking about 5G said, the greatest advantage of the latest telecom innovation will be that it will offer faster data transmission speed compared to 4G. In fact some analysts are of the view that the 5G network will prove to be 100 times faster than the present 4G networks. Secretary-General of China Mobile Internet Industry Alliance said that although 4G technology is yet to become universal and attain maturity, yet time is appropriate to boost 5G development work since upgrading of technology has accelerated globally and the Chinese firms should pace up with the same. He further added that 5G technology will be the founding stone for many new innovations in near future such as the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) technology. 
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