China Emerged as One of the Global Leaders in Fast Rail Technology

Published By : 29 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China is leading the world in terms of high-speed railway technology. Recently, the country has revealed its innovation of a high performing permanent magnet synchronous power system that according to reports, will boost the speed of bullet trains to an unfathomably super-fast 500 kilometers per hour. 

The high-performing 690KW power system was manufactured by the CRRC Corporation, at the Zhuzhou Institute located in the Hunan Province. The company is believed to be gearing up for mass production. This information is revealed by a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering called Ding Rongjun. Ding Rongjun also leads the institution. 

Rongjun said that it is a proud moment for China, since now the country has its very own perpetual magnet synchronous power system and owns the complete intellectual property right for the innovation. The development of this new system will add a new chapter in the history of high speed railways in China, said Ding Rongjun in a recently published interview, stressing on the fact that there are only a handful of countries in the world including Japan and Germany who are capable of manufacturing sophisticated apparatus. 

Deputy Director of the Institute, Feng Jianghua said that the adoption of the new technology will transform the industry of high-speed railway. Traction equipment is an indispensable part in the bullet train. Advancement introduced in the same is likely to revolutionize the paradigms of bullet train manufacturing. 

Asynchronous motors that alternate current, are the most commonly used technology to propel the most high speed trains around the world. This was the first traction system that was developed way back in 1970s. 

The research and development of the new technology began at Zhuzhou Institute in 2003, after the institute noticed that the leading players in the industry such as Bombardier and Seimens already had launched projects to acquire the equipment. The information was shared by Feng. 

Engineers working in the project overcame a large number of difficulties before they could finally manufacture this high-tech equipment. 
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