China Desires to Build Massive Floating Islands in South China Sea

Published By : 11 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China’s military forces want the ability to develop large modular artificial islands that can be lifted and positioned around the world as needed. And it is not that unusual an idea as it seems.

As commented by Navy Recognition, the Jidong Development Group of China unveiled the initial design plan for a Very Large Floating Structure (VLSFs) at the National Defense Science and Technology Achievement exposition held in Beijing in end July. 

The design for the structure comprises of large number of smaller floating units that can be assembled at sea to create a large floating platform.

VLSFs have numerous uses. Firstly, the artificial islands can be utilized for tourists, or can also be built to function as military base, piers, or even floating airports, as commented by Navy Recognition.

The VLSFs proposed by China would constitute a purpose-built design for the platforms to function as floating base for military forces. As per information from Popular Science, the Lego block like structure enables the islands to be easily constructed away from port.

Moreover, the modular nature of VLSFs ensure the structures to be highly compartmentalized. Thus, ensures less danger of the islands to sink as a myriad of different modules would need to damage first before a VLSF would become unsuitable for the sea.

 Popular Science also stated that a VLSF if duly constructed, could hypothetically transport much larger compliment of aircraft, planes, and supplies in comparison to a traditional aircraft carrier. 

VLSF were equipped for a longer runway also, which meant it would be able to accommodate much larger aircrafts, though it may be much less mobile than a carrier. 

China is yet to start construction on any of the desired VLSFs. However, official unveiling of the idea from Beijing reflect its current interest for high-end defense projects. 
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