China Considering Acquisitions with U.S. Firms

Published By : 08 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China is currently eager to expand its industry of semiconductors and likely continue its lookout for acquisitions in the United States despite the growing tensions between Washington and Beijing over security and technology matters, as per an industry observer.

According to the director of global innovation and policy based at the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, Washington the country China is a quite interested in semiconductor industry and have announced a deal to acquire the company Integrated Silicon Solution inc., as China is aiming to become the globe’s leading semiconductor manufacturers.

The director further stated that China has revealed a US$26 billion program to drive its domestic semiconductor industry. With the advent of semiconductor use in China, the country has become dependent on foreign suppliers and wants to have more production at home.

The VP of the semiconductor equipment maker of a trade group said that China’s aims to transform itself from a technology follower to a leader. Past month, a consortium led from investment funds in Shanghai and Beijing offered to acquire a company based in California called Integrated Silicon Solution for a total of US$639 million. This firm sells specialty memory chips around the world which includes the US firms that supply the military and aerospace industry. This means the proposed deal is likely to result in a review by the Committee on foreign investments in the United States or CFIUS which is an inter agency that reviews the implications on nation security caused by foreign investments.
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