China and Britain to Learn Different ‘Teaching Methods’ from Each other

Published By : 26 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Experts from China and Britain stated that the China education sector needs to work on personality development skills and soft skills for the children whereas the education sector in Britain needs to concentrate on polishing mathematics. Experts said that the education system in Mainland China should not worry about the exam results rather focus on developing personality skills and soft skills for the students. China president Xi Jinping said that China and Britain should learn from each other’s education system. Xi Jinping mentioned about a BBC documentary, a four week experiment, wherein five teachers from China taught a class at a middle school in Britain with their teaching techniques. 

This Chinese education program proved the British people that strict teachers would drive the students ahead to achieve their goals and improve their personality. On the other hand, it delivered a message to the Chinese parents that they should allow their children to relax occasionally. In the recent past, students from Shanghai province had outperformed their regional and international counterparts in the Program for International Student Assessment Test, especially in mathematics. In 2014, a delegation was led to Shanghai by the Britain education minister to see how mathematics was taught at the primary schools. 

In a collaborative effort between the Britain and China authorities, many teachers from primary schools were sent in Britain. Anthony Seldon, a well-known vice-chancellor and education expert of the University of Buckingham in Britain, said that China is way ahead of Britain as far as teaching mathematics is concerned and Britain can learn a lot from the education system in China. Xiong Bingqi, the deputy director of 21st Century Education Research Institute stated that Britain and China can use education exchange arrangements in order to understand respective problems. For instance, the Chinese students have pressure about their academics while the Britain’s education system values students’ traits more and lacks universal standards for the students. 

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