China Amends its Environmental Protection Act after 25 years

Published By : 25 Apr 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

On this Thursday, April 24, China brought the first amendment to its environment protection law, first time after nearly 25 years. The new improvements in the law seek to toughen the lawful penalties on polluters in the country – an act that is called by the Chinese government as its “war” against pollution. 

The changes that have been sought and approved by the standing committee of the China’s ruling party, the National People\'s Congress, will take effect from the 1st of January 2015. The changes are said to have been resulted from the growing discontent of the Chinese population over the ever increasing rates of pollution in the country. 

The revisions in the law shall impose harsher penalties for people or bodies found in any activity that could result in environmental degradation. The revised law also has specific provisions and articles to combat smog, increase awareness about environmental issues and protect whistleblowers. 

The revisions shall also bring in effect a 15 day detention for company officials who, despite having issued a ban on the company’s production capabilities due to environmental law violations, refuse to abode law and continue with the production.  

Enterprises that violate the environment protection law will also be named and shamed, according the new revisions. 

China has ascended in terms of its economic development for the past decade and there is no denying to the country’s current state of progress. But the severe industrialization has resulted in the degradation of the health of a large portion of the land and water sources. This is the reason why a stronger law has been needed in the country and these revisions confirm to country’s rising efforts towards saving the environment. 
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