Chernobyl to Produce Energy Again, Thanks to the Sun This Time

Published By : 17 Jan 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Chernobyl has been entrenched in human history as the world’s worst and most catastrophic nuclear accident. Since the disastrous accident at this nuclear plant in 1986, the nearby town of Pripyat became a ghost city as nearly 100,000 people needed to be evacuated. Now, the Chernobyl nuclear wasteland is about to be put to some use, thanks to a massive solar power plant that is nearing its completion.

The 1 MW plant is capable of powering a small town by providing the local grid renewable solar power. The facility has been fitted with 3,800 photovoltaic cells across an area that is of the size of two football pitches. The facility has been built at ground zero of the Chernobyl nuclear accident zone, about 100 meters from the massive sarcophagus that has been placed on the damaged reactor in the nuclear plant to seal the remaining radiations.

The plant’s capacity is enough to fulfill the energy needs of around 2,000 homes and could generate 100 times more power. Rodina, the company that has developed the project, is not the only company that wants to invest in Chernobyl; in the year 2016, two China-based companies announced plans of building solar power plant of 1 GW capacity in the plant’s exclusion zone, but little progress has been made on this regard. France-based company Energie SA also plans to undertake a pre-feasibility research for establishing a massive solar power plant near Chernobyl.

The reason why so many companies are coming ahead with their solar power projects in this area is fairly simple - the land, being a nuclear wasteland, is cheap and Ukraine is offering high feed-in tariffs. Moreover, the area is connected to the grid owing to the previous infrastructure from the nuclear power plant. While it is very difficult to build anything in the nuclear wasteland, it is not impossible.

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