Chemical Companies in Tianjin Relocate to Industrial Area after Blasts

Published By : 16 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to the Chinese state media, the hazardous chemical companies located in the port city of Tianjin will be shifted to an industrial area far away from the city’s development area. The step can be seen as a measure to prevent further accidents. In August, the deadly chemical explosions at a warehouse in the area left more than 160 people dead. The frequency of industrial accidents in the city’s Binhai New Area have raised queries about the safety standards followed across the industrial warehouses in the country that witnessed economic growth at a breakneck speed for last three decades.

Companies handling dangerous chemicals will be shifted to the Nangang Industrial Zone. The industrial zone is about 30 kilometres away from the blast site and the nearest residential area is about 10 kilometres away. According to the state-owned news agency Xinhua, the government aims to transform Nangang into a world-class base and port for heavy chemicals industry. Also, a third-party organization will be looking at the evaluation reports on the safety, environment, and ecology. After the Tianjin blasts, local officials were criticized for ignoring the safety of the residents and allowing the storage of dangerous chemicals in the close vicinity of residential area. 

Hundreds of Tianjin residents had protested against the government’s negligence and demanded compensation. The blasts left a large part of Tianjin flattened. The city had been one of the world’s busiest ports. The State prosecutor, in an investment found out that a range of agencies including the city’s land resources, custom offices, work safety, and transport had been negligent. Explosions at chemical facilities in China are common. This week, another blast occurred at a warehouse for alcohol materials in Tianjin. However, no causalities have been reported so far.

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