Cheap Flight-Finder Skyscanner Eyes U.S. Market

Published By : 29 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Travel search engine Skyscanner is looking out to expand its business across the Americas. The Edinburgh-based company had already opened its office in Miami in 2013 and is partnering with Amazon on voice-control speaker Echo. This will make it easier to search flights. According to Shane Corstorphine, the chief financial officer for Skyscanner, the low-cost flight finder is focussing on enhancing the website’s customer-booking experience and expanding its travel partner relationships across the Americas. According to the Financial Times, the company is valued at US$1.6 bn and generated revenue worth US$183 mn in 2015.

So Far, Skyscanner’s Growth Story has been mainly out of Americas

The Edinburgh-based company is majorly present across the highly-fragmented European market and Asia. In Asia, Skyscanner has partnered with Yahoo! Japan and has offices in China, Singapore, Shenzhen, and Beijing. In the U.S., Skyscanner will be pitted against the established travel search engines such as Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Kayak, and FareChase. Currently, Kayak is the leading travel site in the U.S. market.

Strategy to Enter U.S. Market

International Travel and a wide range of partnerships have been Skyscanner’s strengths while expanding its business. The company will continue to focus on these two aspects while entering the U.S. market. The company has localized products across 45 regional markets to cater to the users according to their travel habits. For example,

  1. In India, the company’s app has included buses in search results due to the user preference for bus transportation.
  2.  In China, the user preference to log on to travel sites through social media accounts has led Skyscanner China to integrate that feature.
  3.  Skyscanner Korea reflects consumer preference for a discount when they pay through credit card.
  4.  In Brazil, paying for travel through instalments is a common practice and hence, Skyscanner directs users to online travel agents and airlines that may accept payments over a period of time.
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