Chatbot Feature Launched by Netatmo to Manage Connected Devices

Published By : 08 Jan 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Netatmo, a French Company, had managed to make a useful feature that can be utilized to control all smart objects in an area, which are connected to each other. This feature is in the form of a chatbot in Messenger, through which a person can talk and control all connected devices. Although the feature is set up in English, numerous languages are slated to be incorporated in the device. One can reportedly get his/her hands on the feature by searching Netatmo Smart Home Bot in Messenger.

More about the Netatmo Chatbot Feature

Even before launching the chatbot feature, Netatmo has always been behind making it easier for users to control their home-based interconnected devices. The devices made by this company can be controlled with the help of Siri and Appleā€™s HomeKit, Amazon Echo device, as well as other devices that are associated with Alexa, Google Home, and Messenger.

According to Netatmo, clear statements and orders such as turning on the lights in kitchen, and adjusting the temperature in the living room are possible by using the chatbot. Apart from such orders, much more complex queries can also be answered by the feature. For example, a person can also get relevant information by asking if anyone is at home at a specific time, or even if he/she wants to know the weather details. The chatbot is designed in such a way that the more it is used, greater will it evolve over time. In this way, the responses it provides and actions that can be taken through these responses can be substantially improved over time.

Netatmo first had come up with a state-of-the-art connected weather station, but after launching this, they decided to make more products. The company in recent times sells indoor and outdoor security cameras, radiator valves, internally connected thermostats, and devices for monitoring air quality in an area. The company had announced two partnerships with other home appliance brands that also have the same aim to connect devices set up in homes.

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